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Wieland Properties, Inc. opened in 2000 because the owner, Bobby Wieland, who worked with York Properties at the time, felt their had to be a better way than charging consumers 6% to 7% to sell their home.

We also believe in full service, full buyer representation, and have full time buyer agents who do not list homes and are solely committed to working on the buy side. (Please see full buyer representation) under 3.9% Full Service tab.

There is a strong commitment and culture that comes from the top in our company.  We understand, and do not forget, that we only have a business because of our clients and agents. That culture says its easier and takes less energy to do the right thing when it comes to our clients and the agents who work with Wieland Properties, Inc. We believe in Relationship Agents versus Transaction Agents (see definition under Career Opportunities)

The goal from the beginning was to charge our clients a fair commission and create a long lasting relationship with them and our agents because we know that is what will sustain us in this ever changing business and market.

The down-turn of 2008 through 2010, and some would say more years than that, brought a lot of change to our market. It took out a lot of real estate companies, mortgage companies, real estate attorneys, builders, and more. It created some of the 6% real estate firms we have today, with very long names, because they had to merge or buy each other to stay in business. We are who we were before the down-turn, but stronger because of it. The only reason we made it was the past relationship we had with our clients (Please see testimonials under WP You & More). and also with our agents. (Please see Meet Our Team).   

Our mission statement says it pretty clear which is "to take care of our clients better then anyone else can or will, for less!"

Why 3.9%? Part of our culture is there is just no need to pay 6% or even 7% when listing your home. We offer the same, if not better, service for almost half the price. We have been in business since 2000 and have been proving this now since we opened. We pay no franchise fees and we own our office building, we are locally owned and operated.  We understand there is just no need to charge 6% or 7% when selling your home... and we don't because we want a long standing relationship with our clients. (Please see 3.9% full Service)

We think the question should be asked why do firms still need to charge 6% or 7% when home prices have gone up so much?  We've been charging 3.9% since 2000 and have proven it can be done. So our culture is pretty simple, charge a fair commission, do what's right for your clients, and everything else will fall into place.

Please also see our company brochure under (WP You & More) for a lot of great information about our company and vision.

I hope you will consider contacting us if you are looking to buy or sell a home.  It will cost you nothing to talk with us, but could save you thousands!

Thank you so much for visiting our site,

"To take care of our clients better then anyone else can or will, for less!"
Wieland Properties, Inc
Wieland Properties, Inc
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