Why We Recommend

The preferred partners we have listed on our web site do not work for Wieland Properties, Inc. 
These are folks we have worked with over a long period of time, in most cases, and have developed a relationship with to help our clients.  They have the resources and skills necessary to get things done for our clients. This list also helps give our agents a resource they can utilize in cases where they do not already have a relationship established with a partner.
Part of being a full service real estate firm is being able to help your clients from start to finish. It is part of our culture.
The preferred partners list is something that changes as we find new people and/or services to help our clients and agents achieve the goal of getting their home sold. These partners are also there to help many of our buyers who we are fortunate enough to help with their purchase.
The partners list is something that changes as new partners are added.  But partners are also dropped if it is deemed their service to our clients is not up to our standards.
We hope and feel, whether buying or selling a home, this list is part of offering our clients a full service experience when they work with us.

Part of being full service is having partners we work with to support our clients.

We do not get a thing from our preferred partners!  This is part of being a full service agent and agency!

"To take care of our clients better then anyone else can or will, for less!"
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