Preferred Partners

  Home Mortgage Service

  For your insurance needs.

  New flooring service.

   Carpet cleaning service.

   Chimney sweeping service.

   Moving service.

   Pest control service.

* Affordable Radon Mitigation
   Radon mitigation service

* Radon Testing Labs
   Radon testing and mitigation service

   Real Estate attorney service.

   Tree service.

   Septic system service.

   Complete Home Inspection.

   Complete HVAC Company.

   Accounting & Tax Services.

  Hardwood floor services.

  Jim Wells for gutter guards, roofing, siding, & windows

  Brian Moskow Structural Engineer

  No need to replace old tile when you can recolor

  Raise concrete instead of replacing

  For your home inspections needs.

* Mildew Magic
  Roof cleaning that makes your roof look newer.  919-845-9935

* Pittman Lawn Care
   Vonzelle Pittman for lawn and landscaping care.  252-907-4528.

* Mac & Alina Painting, LLC
   For all your painting needs. 919-532-6701.

* William Ratterree
   Bathroom repair and restoration.  919-834-7466.

* Scott & Company Surveyors
   Land surveying.  919-859-0464.

* Blue Sky Property Rentals
  Celeste Reinholtz for rental property management  919-610-1469.

* Jack White Electric/Eugene Myers
  For your electrical needs.  919-796-9342

* Marc Doss
  For your electrical needs.  984-200-7489,

* T1 Construction
  Handyman repairs by Todd Beattie.  919-559-0443

* Brigg's Electric
  For your electrical needs.  919-215-6522

* DH Plumbing
  Darron Healy provides plumbing services.  919-606-2910

* David Ausburn
  Appraiser and House Measurement services.  919-215-2873

* AAA Exterminating
  For termite inspections in Wake County and beyond.  919-271-9790

* Reddi Electric
  Tracy Gilbert for your electrical needs.  919-810-0749

* Raleigh Radon
  For your Radon related issues.  919-621-0463

* CMI Property Solutions
  Josh Tudor for your painting needs.919-434-4553

Wieland Properties, Inc
Wieland Properties, Inc
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