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My Personal Mission Statement:  "To personally provide you the best advice and counseling in buying or selling a home. To build a long-term relationship with you, the client, in order to meet your Real Estate needs now and in the future. Also, to build a company that shares this commitment and desire for all our clients. I hope you will contact me today!"

Being a life long resident of Raleigh I have seen our city and area go through major changes! I have had folks say to me as a life long resident I bet it saddens you to see Raleigh change so much over the years and my response is always the same. What has happened to our area is great and has afforded me opportunities that I might not have otherwise had. The diversity growth has brought to our area has actually afforded me the luck to be able to stay in Raleigh and for that I am very grateful.

My approach to Real Estate is pretty simple and while it may sound like you've heard it before I always ask my clients and potential clients to let me prove to them that I will do what I say. When I first got into this business back in 1997 I asked a few seasoned agents what is it our trade could or needed to do better. I was surprised when I heard they felt our follow up and communication as a whole needed to improve. Leaving the profession of being a store manager with Harris Teeter supermarkets this was something I already knew had to happen, it was not up for being questioned, we did it because we know it was part of the job.  

I was lucky when I first got into this business with York Properties, Inc to have an excellent broker who taught me a lot and taught me things I use and pass on to our companies agents to this day. When I learned what agents felt we needed to improve on, from day one that was something I made sure I did. No ones perfect, but I will say I think the vast majority of my clients will tell you they get communicated with on a regular basis and I do follow up and follow through on things most other Realtors often do not. My focus is and will always be my clients are how I survive and I don't forget that.  

Why 3.9%? After working with York a dedicated 6% to 7% listing fee company just as most are still that way to this day in our area for a couple years it hit me that I could do this and charge consumers a lot less and still make the same amount of money if not more because of what it was costing me to be with a 6 to 7% listing fee company and the rest is history from there. We've been in business since 2000, and have an awesome group of agents, most of whom have been with Wieland Properties, Inc 10 plus years and that's unheard of in our industry. Many of our agents were clients of mine at one time and I felt would do great in this business because of their approach, integrity toward things. 

So if you are thinking about listing or buying a home I hope you will consider giving us a call or contact me directly! I would love to show you, you DO NOT have to pay 6 or 7% to get full service and the only thing you would be giving up is paying large amounts of commissions! Keep your hard earned money!
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