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What It Takes!

There are many things that can be done to market your home and get it sold. 

At Wieland Properties, Inc. we strongly believe that the following is what it takes to get your home sold. We do everything that is needed and what it takes in today's ever changing world of Real Estate, as well as each agent thinking outside the box for your specific home. We will save you thousands in the process and get your home sold just as fast, if not faster, than anyone else. Some of our marketing consists of the following: 

1. Home will be professionally entered into the MLS system complete with text and up to 30 photos.  We try to put all we can into MLS!

2. A professional sign and lock box will be placed on the property. 

3. Your home will be advertised on every website out there through List Hub that our company has an agreement with.  This allows our MLS to place our homes on all the sites!  There is not a site we know of that we are not on.

4. Professional brochures inside and outside the home.  However, some of our agents now do individual websites for their homes in place of flyers outside.  (Talk to your WP listing agent about your options).

5. Agents have the decision to work with the home owner concerning open houses/community open houses. 

6. All real estate companies in The Triangle, including Wieland Properties, Inc., use Centralized Showing Service (CSS). It’s a Great source for showings and feedback. Your Listing Agent has more information on this. 

7. Continuous communication. Our goal is for you to be communicated with weekly if not more concerning our transaction to discuss feedback, weekly activity and market conditions.

8. Your home will be entered into our relocation database with Homes.com, which has over 90,000 agents nationwide, for possible buyers looking in our area. Wieland Properties, Inc. has been a member since June 2000. 

9. Any time our home is shown by another agent, we strive for 100% feedback on what the agent and their client thought about the home. You can look at feedback online and most Agents at Wieland Properites do weekly updates with their clients.  

10. VIRTUAL TOURS! This will consist of a slide presentation with up to 30 photos. A sign may be placed in your yard, with your approval, informing buyers where to go online to view the home further (talk to your WP listing agent about your options). 25 pictures in MLS, and up to a possible 50 if there is an individual website for our home.  Talk to your WP agent about the options.

11. All homes with photos will also have those photos placed in the MLS and most websites are downloading all the photos from MLS to have on their sites.

12. Advertising in other ways you and your WP listing agent may be able to come up with such as work related websites, craigslist, individual website for your home with special street signage, neighborhood websites, etc. 

13. Client will have access via Internet to see what other Realtors and buyers are saying about their home.  This can be done in many ways.  Talk to your WP listing agent about the best way for you to view.  This is only for you and your agent to see, feedback will not be seen by others.

14. Your home will appear on all other major real estate companies' websites in the Triangle.  New listings can take 2 to 3 days to show up.

15. Wieland Properties, Inc. is constantly working with and assisting relocation buyers and sellers. 

16. Professional feature sheets or marketing notebooks will be placed in your home to promote important features and upgrades. This gives the buyer something to take home with them and look at later so they do not forget your home!  Talk to your WP listing agent about what is best for your home and to see if they offer this.

17. Wieland Properties, Inc. has an attorney relationships that can handle most of our closings for sellers and buyers if they wish to use.

18. We are with you every step of the way from listing to closing.  No upfront fees ever!

19. We get paid once we sell your home.  

20. Wieland Properties, Inc. is a fast growing company with 30 plus agents serving Wake, Johnston, Durham, and Franklin counties. We have been in business since 2000!

21. Wieland Properties, Inc. has working relationships with just about anyone you may need in order to make repairs or prepare the home for a successful selling process!  

3.9% includes buyers agent fees!

"No Gimmicks, Just Real Estate" 

"Why Not Let Us Be One of The Agents you Interview"

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The items mentioned above will sell your home... giving your home the exposure it needs while saving you thousands in the process. 

To discuss what we can do for you, we hope you will give us a call at either 919-831-5312 or 919-841-4888.  You can also email us from this page. 

Have a great day and save thousands! 

Save Thousands!!

Here are some examples of the money you can save if you allow Wieland Properties, Inc. to market your home. In the process you sacrifice NOTHING! 

At a sales price of $100,000: 
Wieland Properties, Inc - $3,900.00 
You could end up paying - $7,000.00 
With Wieland Properties, Inc. you save $3,100.00 and sacrifice nothing in service! 

At a sales price of $250,000: 
Wieland Properties, Inc. - $9,750.00 
You could end up paying - $17,500.00 
With Wieland Properties, Inc. you save $7,750.00 and sacrifice nothing in service! 

At a sales price of $500,000: 
Wieland Properties, Inc. - $19,500.00 
You could end up paying - $35,000.00 
With Wieland Properties, Inc. you save $15,500.00 and sacrifice nothing in service! 

It's that simple, and we offer very professional, honest service to all our clients. You are our business! 

The Only Low Commission Company That Refuses to Act Like One!

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