Exclusive One Week Listing Program!
Give us 1 week to sell your home and if we don’t you’re under no further obligation!
Why You Should List For One Week Before Selling To A "Guaranteed" or "We Buy Your Home" Company! 

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Don't make the mistake of selling to a "Guaranteed Offer" or a "We Buy Your Home" type company before you read the following! 

1. Don't forget, these companies are buying your home to flip it, therefore they want to make a profit. That's money you could have had!

2. Why offer your home to just one buyer when the majority of homes we sell today get multiple offers and well over an already aggressive list price! This is happening to about 95% of the homes we sale! (Data Taken From MLS & Other Sources) 

3. We can put your home on the open market for all buyers to compete!

4. In most cases we have competing offers within the first 3 active days on MLS so possibly no more then 3 days of showings!

5. In most cases we've gotten tens of thousands of dollars more over an already aggressive listing price!

6. We can sell your home “as is” with no repairs and you let us know what your preferred closing date is!

7. In many cases these company's charge a 5% to 6% fee and that comes right off the top with possible credits for repairs and updates! 

We charge a 3.9% full service listing fee which includes the buyers agent fee!

In general how these company's work: 

They make you an offer, but then subtract money for repairs and or updates and many charge a 5.0% to 6.0% fee, but it works just like a commission because its taken off the sales price. 

1. So say your neighbor sold for $300,000.00. Tax records will show they sold for $300k. Yes that's the sales price, but what you don't see is what was subtracted out at closing for repairs, credits and or updates as well as the 5 to 6% closing fee many call it. This 5 to 6% "closing fee" is taken right off the top just like a regular commission. So while it appears the home sold for $300k, by the time they subtract any closing fees, credits for updates, credits for repairs you could end up having to give a large credit amount for these items, for example let's say $35k.

They have perfected the art of flipping homes by buying directly from you and in most cases not having to compete with other buyers. It follows the Carmax business model! What many sellers do not realize, is that in a market like this they can sale "as is".  Also if a seller doesn't want to do updates and upgrades, they don't have to!  

Quick Story: I recently bought a new vehicle. I was not sure if I was going to trade in my old vehicle, but I told the dealership to make an offer. They offered me $6000.00 and said the offer was good for two weeks. I knew it was worth more so I decided at the time not to take their offer. Two days later I sold the Tahoe for $12,500.00 and I had not even cleaned it up! I knew I had two weeks to accept their offer of $6000, but I knew it was worth much more. To me $6500.00 is a lot of money and I could have sold it to the dealership for $6000.00, but I felt it was worth a few days to see what I could do. So I got $12,500.00 instead of $6000.00! 

I could have taken their offer, but to me it was worth taking a few days and that turned into a lot more money for me, not them! I only had 1 Tahoe to sell  so I wanted to get the most out of it I could. Used vehicles are in demand right now, just like your home!   

Selling to one of these type company's is the same thing as me selling my Tahoe.

Try Our 1 Week Listing Program!  

Before you agree to sell your home to one of these companies why not take 1 week to let us put your home on the open market for all buyers to compete! Give us 1 week to sell your home and if you are not satisfied with any offer we receive then you do not have to sell and are under no further obligation for anything! 

How many times do you get to sell a home in a market like this? Isn't it worth taking 1 week and let us put your home on the open market to see what may happen before you possibly give up tens of thousand's of dollars? You may be very surprised to see what happens when you have multiple buyers fighting for your home? In many cases we will have offers within the 1st 3 days on the market! 

What's Involved With A One Week Listing? 

A One week listing would be treated the same as any other listing! 

You would sign a one week listing agreement and if you are not happy with any offer received you do not have to accept! At the end of one week if the home has not sold then you are under no further obligation & owe NO FEES! 

The home would be listed in the MLS, price researched and agreed upon, photos taken, home measured, signage put up and many other things. The listing would be treated just as if it was any normal listing! 

The one week listing agreement means 7 active days on the MLS, but in most cases we are going under contract in 3 to 4 days which means only 3 to 4 days of showings!  

Is it not worth one week with no obligation to see what you may be able to get by letting us put your home on the open market for ALL buyers to compete?  

Who Is Wieland Properties, Inc?

We are a full service, locally owned Real Estate Brokerage firm in business since 2000! We opened because we felt there had to be a better way then charging consumers 6% to sell their homes. Our sales have grown year after year with company sales closing in on $960,000,000.00 since we opened! Our agents are very seasoned and experienced. The average agent at Wieland Properties, Inc has been with us for just over 13 years, many longer, some less, but this type of retention is unheard of in the Real Estate industry! We really do have a strong focus on true client relationships and our google reviews support that. You can access our google reviews from our homepage to the left of the site. Client relationship is something we as a company talk about and work on constantly! 

Why We Are Doing This!

We started seeing how much money consumers/sellers are leaving on the table or giving up that we had to do something! So we came up with this One Week Listing Program to give consumers a choice and offer something not seen before in our area! By offering to let the consumer list for only 1 week before they sell to one of these company's our goal is to show homeowners how much more they can really make without much effort! Isn't it worth 1 week?      

Why Full Service Is Better Then Guaranteed Offer